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December 20, 2023

Adding icons and changing icon colors

You can now select icons directly from a library of 2500+ icons (FontAwesome, Feather icons, and Heroicons) and change the icon colors using our color picker.

This makes it super easy to add for example social media icons and change them to your preferred color.

Introducing the icon libraries

  • FontAwesome: FontAwesome offers 2000+ free and open source icons varying for any category you can imagine, from Automotive to the most popular Brand Logos. Majority of the icons are solid, while they also offer 160+ outline icons.
  • Feather icons: Feather icons is a collection of 280+ free and open source stylish outline icons.
  • Heroicons: Heroicons is a collection of 280+ free and open source icons, created by the makers of Tailwind CSS. They offer a solid and outline version of each icon.