Tabular Free

For anyone wanting to design emails, on your own or with others.

Choose Free
  • Create any custom email using our easy-to-use editor
  • 3 emails
  • Download up to 3 email HTMLs per month
  • Send up to 4 email previews per day
  • Invite others to collaborate on emails
  • Free high-quality email templates
Tabular Pro

For individuals or teams who want unlimited access to create high-performing emails with ease and scale their productivity, alone or with others.

$12 per month/editor
Billed annually or $16.99 month-to-month
Choose Pro
  • Create any custom email using our easy-to-use editor
  • Create unlimited emails
  • Download the HTML for your emails
  • Send unlimited email previews to your inbox
  • Upload your emails automatically to 6 platforms
  • Create dedicated folders for specific projects or departments
  • Support for Mailchimp and Klaviyo email builders
  • Import emails from other teams
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Work together with teammates on unlimited emails
  • Pay as you grow, you'll be able to add more editor seats during each billing cycle

Compare features

Tabular Free
Tabular Pro
Design and HTML
Tabular editor
Design for mobile
Auto layout
Free templates
Download email HTML
Up to 3 times per month
Automatic HTML upload to marketing platforms
Send email previews
Up to 4 times per day
Unlimited emails
Limited to 3
Unlimited viewers
1 included
additional editors:
$16.99/editor/mo (or $144/year)
Storage and access
Unlimited folders
Import emails from other teams
Cloud image storage
Cloud image data usage
overage: $0.0001/MB

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