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September 12, 2023

Integration with Sendy

You can now create, edit, and manage your email designs in Tabular and directly use them in Sendy brand campaigns.

Securely connect Sendy and start using your Tabular emails in for example your brand's email campaigns.

Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send bulk emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). However, to easily design quality emails for your campaigns you can use Tabular. It will allow you to more rapidly iterate on your email designs to find out what performs well — alone or together with your team.

How to export Tabular emails to your Sendy installation

In Tabular, go to any email that you’d like to create a brand campaign with. Open the ‘Use email’ modal, and select the 'Export' tab. Search for the Sendy option, this will open a form where you'll have to input the URL to your Sendy installation, a Sendy brand ID and your Sendy API key.

The URL of your Sendy installation should be equal to the URL that you use to log in to Sendy.

The Sendy brand ID is a unique value that Sendy has generated to represent the brand that you want to create a campaign for. You can find your brand ID on your Brands page under the ID column.

You can find your find your Sendy API key under your Sendy (profile) Settings.

When you’re done you’ll be able to use your authorization in all your emails. One-click to create a Sendy campaign that uses your Tabular email.

Unfortunately, Sendy has no option for us to programmatically send updates of your Tabular email to an existing Sendy campaign. If you make changes to your Tabular email you can reuse your authorization to create a new campaign that uses your email.