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May 29, 2023

Integration with Transpond

You can now add any email you design in Tabular to your collection of templates in Transpond.

It allows you to connect and upload email your Tabular email designs directly from Tabular to your Transpond account.

Transpond is an easy to use email marketing platform. It is helpful for creating automated email campaigns. Use Transpond together with Tabular to amp-up your email production.

How to export Tabular emails to Transpond

In Tabular, go to any email that you’d like to upload to your Transpond account. Open the ‘Use email’ modal, and select the 'Export' tab from the available usage options. Search for the Transpond option, this will open a window that allows you to provide Tabular with permissions to automatically upload templates to your Transpond dashboard.

When you’re done you’ll be able to use your authorization in all your emails. One-click to upload any Tabular email and update the same email template with newer versions in the future.