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January 18, 2023

Official integration for HubSpot

Tabular has just been added to the HubSpot Marketplace as an official App. You can now design your email templates in Tabular and directly use them in HubSpot.

Read our HubSpot listing to learn how to start using Tabular with HubSpot.

The HubSpot integration gives you superpowers that make it easy to create, update and manage email designs in Tabular and use them directly from HubSpot. To get access within HubSpot to use custom emails you’ll need to have an active HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional or higher subscription.

How it works

Design emails in Tabular alone or together with your team. Create overview in your projects by structuring them in project folders. Connect your Tabular emails to your HubSpot account to easily upload new and updated versions of emails. Send them in your HubSpot marketing campaigns and rapidly iterate on email designs to find ones that work best.


Go to any email that you’d like to upload to your HubSpot account. Open the ‘Use email’ modal, and select the 'Export' tab. Search for the HubSpot option, this will open-up a HubSpot authorization window that allows you to provide permissions for Tabular to upload your email automatically.

When you’re done you’ll be able to use your authorization in all your emails. One-click to upload any Tabular email and update the same email template with newer versions in the future.