New updates and improvements to Tabular.

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February 29, 2024

Price updates

We introduce three new subscription plans. If you are currently subscribed to our old Tabular Pro plan, your subscription will remain unchanged.

New and improved plans

  • We introduce Lifetime Plus for when you want to just create a small set of email templates, and only occasionally need to edit them. Lifetime Plus includes 1 organization member, unlimited organization guests, 30 stored emails, and 30 exports per month.
  • New Pro plan now includes 3 organization members, unlimited emails, exports, teamspaces, organization guests, and a 250 GB CDN quota.
  • We introduce an Organization plan specifically created with marketing agencies and large organizations in mind. Next to what Pro offers, the organization plan includes 5 organization members, and the ability to create secret teamspaces. For example if you have 3 clients, secret teamspaces are useful for if you don't want your client A to be able to view teamspaces you created for client B and C.

Increased CDN quotas

We have significantly increased the CDN quotas on all plans, including our free plan:

  • Free plan: was 2 GB, becomes 20 GB
  • Old Pro plan: was 20 GB becomes 250 GB